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Beige Aviary Eden Rug

Beige Aviary Eden Rug

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Introduce a slice of nature's gallery into your home with the "Aviary Eden" Area Rug from Loma Rugs. Spanning 150x100 cm (4'9"x3'3" ft), this rug is a harmonious blend of technology and tradition, featuring a vibrant tableau of birdlife that celebrates the diversity and beauty of nature.

Crafted using advanced machine weaving complemented by handcrafted finishings, this piece marries the resilience and precision of modern manufacturing with the unique touch of artisan skill. The bamboo silk fabric provides a smooth, lustrous surface that accentuates the vivid colors and intricate details of each bird and blossom, while the hand-finished cotton fringes frame the artwork with elegance.

The design is a naturalistic delight, presenting a variety of birds in mid-song and repose, set against a backdrop of lush foliage and florals. The attention to detail in the depiction of each feather and leaf creates a lifelike portrayal that's rich in texture and depth.

Perfect for adding a statement of natural beauty to any space, the "Aviary Eden" Area Rug is both a durable décor choice for everyday enjoyment and a stunning visual escape into the wild. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for bringing character and warmth to smaller rooms or specific areas within larger spaces.

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Features & FAQs

Materials and specs

Most of our Oriental rugs are crafted using bamboo silk, a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional silk. The production process of these rugs involves a harmonious blend of hand and machine craftsmanship. The meticulous handwork brings out the intricate details and individual character of each rug, while the precision of machine assistance ensures a high-quality, durable finish.

Are the rugs handmade or machine-made?

We use cutting edge technology in the making of our rugs. Our rugs are carefully constructed with a combination of hand-made and machine-made techniques, giving them an authentic look and feel that is hard to distinguish from purely hand-made rugs. The fringes, bindings and finishing are done by hand, while the rest done by machine.

What is the difference between bamboo silk and natural silk?

Our bamboo silk is everything you love about silk, but at a fraction of the cost.

The cellulose in the plant is extracted and converted into a sticky paste. After extraction, the cellulose is allowed to dry. After drying, it transforms into a smooth, silky fibre. The ultimate product is a smooth, cool-to-the-touch cloud-like fibre. It is extremely long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.

Bamboo silk’s feel is similar to silk and it can be blended with other fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc.

Can I wash my rugs myself?

While we always recommend having your rugs washed by a professional cleaner, if there is a spill you can blop the impacted area with a mix of hot water and a clear shampoo. Next place a bowl underneath the rug so it is able to circulate air.

Do you ship to the US?

Yes, we offer free express shipping to the US and worldwide. Our rugs usually take 3-5 business days to reach you once you place an order

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